Jameson Crested

Barley: Not Just a “Commodity” for Distillers (Episode 868: April 26, 2021)

In our last episode, we looked at how different types of Rye produce different flavors in whisky. While that’s relatively...

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Yeast’s Impact on Whisky (Episode 836: September 13, 2020)

Yeast is one of the three main ingredients in whisky, along with grain and water. While we understand what grain...

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The Archivist Preserving Irish Whiskey’s History

Irish Whiskey’s history has been written over centuries, but Carol Quinn has the unique task of preserving the history that...

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Episode 592: June 4, 2016


Penderyn is the only whisky distillery in Wales, but may soon spin off a second distillery under its name in...

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Episode 582: March 26, 2016

You’ll see a lot of businesses with the “& Son” as part of the name, but rarely do we see...

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