December 24, 2015 – This recipe comes courtesy of the National Law Journal and The Green Bag law review, and is attributed to former US Supreme Court Chief Justice Harlan Fiske Stone (1941-1946). It was found in Stone’s papers and first reprinted by The Green Bag in 1998, and is powerful enough to render a verdict of “intoxicated” for nine people. We kid on that last part, of course…but this is a strong recipe not to be taken lightly.

12 eggs
1 gallon of milk
Ground nutmeg
1 pound of sugar
1 quart of whiskey
1/2 pint of brandy
1/8 pint of rum

Separate egg yolks from whites, then cream the yolks and sugar together. Add the whiskey, brandy and rum, then beat well. Add the milk and stir well (and the authors recommend adding the spirits before the milk!). Add nutmeg to taste. Beat the egg whites very light, then add and stir in well. The authors recommend not substituting cream for the milk because cream has a large percentage of fat that can become rancid over time. Using milk will allow you to keep the unused egg nog for up to 30 days in a refrigerator.